Sector:                  Education, Entrepreneurship 
Software:             C++, Illustrator
Manufacturing:    Laser Cutting, Soldering
Project Time:       12 weeks​​​​​​​
A music education toy that helps children learn how to read classic music notation and encourages learning through touch. The goal was:
1. Create a fun and creative way to read music notation 
2. Conduct market research, create a business plan and pitch the business idea.
Design Process
Our first prototype was electronics + cardboard box and let us test our idea. This is cardboard box with copper tape that could be hooked up to our capacitive touch sensor, Arduino and music shield to make sounds. And it worked!
Our team went onwards to interviews and working on our next iteration.
Pressing on the copper wire triggers a conductive sensor and a note to play. Paper song sheets were designed. You place them over the top and press on the notes to play a song.

The musical copper tape connects to capacitive touch sensor to the tape. Combined with speakers and an Arduino music shield, the toy is capable of playing any instrument and pitch. 
User Testing
We showed our product to a group of children at Jarrow Montessori School. We were surprised that the children understood how to use it almost instantly. 

We learned it wasn’t clear how the tape related to the musical staff, it may be useful to indicate the treble and bass clef on the toy. 

We presented our idea at the ITL Design Expo, below is our poster and other marketing material.
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