As part of my introductory SolidWorks class, I was tasked with modeling an object with at least 3 moving parts. I foolishly chose a grigri. A grigri is a belay device used in climbing that includes an automatic stopping feature. It’s basically a safer alternative to a traditional belay device.
Design Process 
I quickly found out how difficult it is to model organic parts in SolidWorks. Through hours of struggle I learned several techniques to make it easier to model components and assemblies. 
The most difficult part was the top plate which had the most interesting geometry. In fact, I failed to make it an exact replica because of the curved lip section. I opted for a straight lipped version which in practice would work the same but was much easier to model. The project was a great learning experience on how to approach complicated parts and especially how to deal with complex geometry in assemblies.
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